Jeff Swensen
February 28, 2019

I have worked in many different industries, for many different size companies using many different languages and frameworks. The one lesson I keep relearning with each new opportunity is that the true reward of programming is seeing your software in use. Hearing from users how your work has made their life easier in some way is the most motivating experience I’ve ever had in a professional setting.

That, coupled with my love of learning, means I am always eager and willing to take on a new challenge. It has been very rare for me to start a new opportunity using a technology stack I am already familiar with. This has pushed me to become extremely efficient at surveying the existing landscape and developing a mental model of how all of the moving parts fit together and where I can provide the most benefit the soonest.

Debugging is twice as hard as writing the code in the first place. Therefore, if you write the code as cleverly as possible, you are, by definition, not smart enough to debug it.

-- Brian W. Kernighan


DevResults is the most advanced and flexible monitoring & evaluation software for international development.

At DevResults I have the unique opportunity to work with an outstanding group of people to help other outstanding groups of people realize outstanding goals in international development. My role at DevResults is that of a Senior Software Engineer, contributing to design, development and support of the DevResults SaaS application.


QuadPay is an installment payment provider that gives eCommerce customers the ability to pay for purchases in 4 installments of 25% over 6 weeks.

I joined QuadPay as the first employee and remained the only engineering resource at the company for the first 8 months. Over that time QuadPay grew to processing hundreds of thousands of dollars in transactions per month across 40+ eCommerce integrations. I was tasked with taking an existing solution built in New Zealand and bootstrapping a US-based version. In just 60 days I had a stable product running in production. My work included:

  • Identifying and integrating half a dozen third party providers including: Payments (Stripe), SMS Messaging (Twilio), Transactional Email (Mandrill), CRM (Zoho), Accounting (Xero), Credit Check (Experian)
  • Provisioning 3 Azure hosting environments (CI, UAT, Prod) as well as a full CI/CD Pipeline (TeamCity + OctopusDeploy)
  • Customizing existing eCommerce plugins (WooCommerce, Magento) and provisioning demo platforms for each
  • Restyling, refactoring and extending three existing Angular 4 single page applications
  • Hired and managed outside contractors to build a Salesforce Commerce Cloud integration
  • Integrating every eCommerce merchant we brought on across multiple platforms (Shopify, Magento, WooCommerce)

21st Century Fox

21st Century Fox is a multinational media company

At 21CF I was a part of the Application Development group at the corporate headquarters in Manhattan. We were tasked with proving custom software solutions for internal clients (finance, accounting, production groups, etc) During my time there I acted as the AngularJS (and then Angular) evangelist, developing best practices & procedures and guiding the rest of the team through implementation.

Our team built multiple ASP.NET Core web applications with Angular 2+ single page applications as well as custom SharePoint solutions (workflows, document libraries, custom integrations). All of our applications were hosted in Azure and supported by CI/CD pipelines (TeamCity then VSTS/Azure DevOps).

Ohio Courts Network

The Ohio Courts Network (OCN) is a statewide information exchange platform enabling hundreds of local courts and law enforcement agencies to securely and rapidly share relevant case information instantaneously.

I worked with Unisys for the Supreme Court of Ohio to implement the Ohio Courts Network. The heart of the OCN is a complex ETL pipeline that validates, normalizes and stores thousands of case records on a daily basis. My primary goal was to take an unmaintainable Java-based ETL platform and rewrite it using C# .NET so the in-house developers at the Supreme Court could handle future maintenance and support. In about a year I had successfully replaced the entire ETL pipeline allowing the Supreme Cour to save millions of dollars on support costs going forward.